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    9th May 2018 - Cannes
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    Five Green-fee on the Old Course (18 holes)
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Seven Continents of Fashion

Seven Continents fashion~art~film~leisure, showcased an eclectic mix of celebrated influential designers, emerging talent, film enthusiast, artists, fashion bloggers, fashion marketing strategist focusing on buyers and creatives all-encompassing the world of fashion, art and film.

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Mishu Shrestha, a Nepalese businesswoman, industrialist and fashion designer based in Kathmandu. She has over two decades of work experience in manufacturing and hospitality industry in Nepal. She is actively involved in her own manufacturing businesses of high-end Cashmere products and hand knotted carpets. She is the current Director of the board Radisson Hotel Kathmandu and Soorya Group.

Passionate about fashion, she always envisioned becoming one of the successful fashion designers of Nepal. After completing her fashion-designing course from Milan Fashion Campus, Italy in May 2012, she established her own fashion brand “MISHUS” which was launched officially on November 22, 2012. The brand specializes in Women Cashmere line and evening wears. Since then she has pursued her career in fashion designing to improve the fashion industry of Nepal. She is also Creative Director of the label Anna Rohn, Germany


Mishu Shrestha

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"I want women of all shapes and sizes to feel celebrated and beautiful in their own skin and color" ~Aulgah Nato ....... Seven Continents of Fashion is proud to announce award winning Kenyan born designer Aulgah Nato representing the continent of Africa :
A self-taught prodigy, Aulgah Nato is a Kenyan High Fashion Designer. She is the fifth born of a family of six siblings and a lover of Fashion designing. Clothes are my passion; my pieces are inspired by my late mother.
@natodesignhouse Aulgah Nato


Aulgah Nato

Award winning Kenyan designer

Fashion Show



Designer Shalini Ahuja will be showcasing during the Seven Continents of Fashion, Fashion Show - Shalini Ahuja is a qualified Luxury Leather Couturier and Entrepreneur. She has show cased her collection at New York , Los Angeles , London , Paris , Milan , Netherlands & Hong Kong

Shalini Arts

Shalini Ahuja

International Celebrity Designer

9th May 2018

Celebrating Cannes Film Festival through Fashion